Elaine Chiu – CSR Edmonds

“It is rare that one comes across a stand out like Liza. She expertly and efficiently completed several major projects for me over a short period of time. I am in awe of Liza’s ability to stay positive even in high stress situations – and effortlessly. That skill combined with her innovative and creative approach … Read More

Phil Wilkinson – AIRAH

“The most incredible unique marketing professional I’ve met in the HVAC industry. Not only does Liza excel at her marketing craft – she “gets” the industry, has a deep knowledge of the technical details of HVAC and is extremely passionate about the great people she works with and the company’s products. Incredibly insightful and innovative … Read More

Rob Lord – SEED

“Nathan is a man of integrity, committed to thought leadership and always wanting the best for his clients.”

Jonathan Barnett – Red Fire Engineers

“Nathan Provided thought leadership, mentorship and future thought for AECOM’s Building business line. His leadership in planning was exceptional and had a huge impact.”

Phil Wilkinson – AIRAH

“Nathan did an outstanding job at facilitating our board and senior staff strategic planning day at AIRAH. He took a whole range of input material from the previous two years and distilled it down to make it understandable and set a great context for the day and then took us through the steps to come … Read More