Global IQ Group turns 1!

September 1, 2017Leadership, Strategy, Sustainability

Time certainly flies when you are having fun and what a journey it has been! The last 12 months has taken us from boardrooms around Australia to setting up graphic design in Jakarta to working with a client in the UK to commercialising new products in Guangzhou and even facilitating a design thinking workshop in … Read More

Growing a Sustainable Business

November 8, 2016Sustainability

I’ve worked with many organisations who use the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy of innovation. Some worked. Some didn’t.One of the challenges in commercialising innovation is that many firms underestimate what’s needed to navigate the market. Too much time and effort is invested in the research and development phase, and not enough is … Read More

More than just a logo. It’s a Hive Mind

September 8, 2016Leadership, Sustainability

After collaborating on some projects, we discovered we had a few things in common.Not only did we want to do ‘good stuff’ and change the world, we also discovered we were both a couple of Trekkies.And thought, what if we could create the ultimate hive mind. An interconnected eco-system of talented people bringing together a … Read More