Global IQ Group can help your organisation build a pathway to success.
We understand most organisations know where they want go.
They just need a better rocket ship to get there faster!

From design thinking led discovery workshops to formulating strategic plans, we transform insight into action and enable organisations to find their future self.

Strategy Development

With a unique blend of creativity and solid business acumen, Global IQ Group can help you craft a bespoke strategy that works!

Market Research

From researching market size and trends, to developing an in depth understanding of the customer experience, we provide you with the insights that will give your organisation the edge.

Stakeholder Engagement

We bring together key stakeholders to understand what makes them tick. Our Discovery workshops help to unlock new insights as well as bringing your best and brightest on the strategic journey.

Advisory and Mentoring

Strategy implementation can sometimes be a journey in uncharted waters. To help navigate your pathway to success, Global IQ Group also offers 1-on-1 mentoring and advisory to leaders and professionals.

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At Global IQ Group, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. From R&D, product development to commercialisation and launch, we help your organisation bring your great ideas to life.


Global IQ Group are your strategic marketing and communications experts. Bringing together a powerful combination of creativity and business acumen, we specialise in bringing great ideas to life.

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The Global IQ Group difference begins with talented people. Think of Global IQ Group as your go-to-guys who can help navigate your way to lasting success.

To learn how Global IQ Group can help you, book a 1-on-1 Discovery Session with our team.