About Us

Global IQ Group are your Strategic Marketing and Communications experts, with a specialisation in innovation and market transformation.

More than just a marketing agency, we place innovation at the heart of everything we do.
Our clients are ordinary people with extraordinary ideas that make a positive impact on the world – and we make it our business to help these organisations bring these great ideas to life.

At Global IQ Group, we view strategy, innovation, and marketing as a continuous journey.
With a unique blend of creative genius, technical prowess, and street-smart business acumen, our team is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the journey from idea to reality, and beyond.

Our Story

Global IQ Group was founded in 2016 as the brainchild of co-founders  Liza Taylor and Nathan Groenhout. Having spent over 25 years working across various industries, they could see that most organisations know where they want to go. They just need a better rocket ship to get there faster! And Global IQ Group was born.

Global IQ Group brings together strategy, innovation and marketing consulting to help create the business of tomorrow.

Our Mission 

“Together innovation, sustainability and business will solve the world’s problems. We wanted to help transform these ideas into profitable growth opportunities”.

As a for-purpose company, our mission is to help organisations ‘do more good’ by bringing great ideas to life. From creating more sustainable cities, reducing impact on the environment to improving people’s health, we are proud to work with clients who make the world a better place.

Causes We Care About

Sustainability Goals
Women in STEM

Our Team

Liza Taylor

CEO & Director

Glenda Roberts

Senior Consultant

Yul Rizwandi

Senior Graphic Designer

Zahra Hagop

Marketing Assistant

Our Global Partners

Mitchell Bird

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dean Fenwick

Exhibition and Display Specialist