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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day!

From the R&D lab to the Board room, and everything in between…engineering has given me a launch pad into a rich and diverse career.

Reflecting on my journey, I would like to acknowledge Professor Mike Brungs who gave a young girl a chance with a UNSW Co-op Scholarship. Even though at times I felt like the black sheep of the co-op program, the experience gave me the opportunity to pursue my first love…innovation. The idea of inventing things and bringing them to life has been my life’s work. Sometimes, it’s not just about the big leaps but the small steps forward that make a difference every day.

Today, on International Women in Engineering Day, I’m really excited to be able to pay it forward. Global IQ Group will be helping women in engineering with a new initiative to improve leadership and retention in the construction sector. Watch this space…more information to follow soon.

From creating sustainable cities to reducing food waste across the cold chain, Global IQ Group loves working with clients who aspire to make the world a better place. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and we believe that with the right support and resources, our ideas can change the world. Whether it be creating new jobs, reducing household expenditure through clean and affordable energy sources, or even supporting governments to allow them opportunity and access to better resources as we transition to Net Zero, we are committed to doing our bit to help.

To find out about some of innovation projects, click here.

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