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Global IQ Celebrates ASBEC’s Future Leader Graduates

On this International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to announce the graduation of the inaugural cohort of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot Program. Spearheaded by Global IQ and supported by ASBEC, this pioneering initiative aimed to bolster retention rates and enhance leadership prospects for women in the construction industry.

Global IQ proudly led the ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot Program, driven by the vision of our founder, Liza Taylor, and the unwavering support of ASBEC. The program provided a platform for 24 exceptional participants to pursue their passions and embark on a journey towards leadership excellence. Divided into two groups for the first MasterMind Leadership workshop, participants not only honed their leadership skills but also forged meaningful connections beyond the workplace, fostering a supportive network of role models and mentors.


The graduation event served as a testament to the dedication and commitment of our inaugural cohort. Putting their personal branding learnings into practice, cohort members showcased their achievements through social media platforms like LinkedIn, garnering recognition from industry publications such as HVAC&R News and Climate Control News.

The Graduates:

Bianca Paton

Daria Teodorowych

Elizabeth Paparo

Emily McKernan

Grace Foo

Grace Kamel

Kate Ellul

Mei McNamara

Peta Buckley

Prameena Karunairaj

Preeti Chandak

Zoe Neill

Jessica Bollinger

Junelle Llorente

Karen Greaves

Michelle Popovski

Pam Rogers

Patricia Arenas-Hughes

Rula Karali

Siti Mustaffa

Sarisha Harrisunker

Sonia Holzheimer

Taryn Cornell


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to ASBEC Executive Director, Alison Scotland, for trusting us to deliver this pioneering program. Jo Attard Watters M. App Sc. (CoachPsych) MICF FIML CAHRI deserves special mention for being the MasterMind coach extraordinaire.

We are grateful to industry champions such as Tanya Cox, ASBEC Chair; Graham Brown, General Manager of Kavanagh Industries; Mikaila Ganado, Director of GWA Consultants Australia; Jonathan Cartledge, CEO of Consult Australia; and Dr. Gayle Avery from the Institute for Sustainable Leadership for their invaluable support and contributions through our panel discussions.

The generosity and goodwill of these individuals have made a significant impact on the success of the program. We also express our gratitude to all the employer partners and supporters who have demonstrated a commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the construction industry.

As we celebrate the success of the ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot Program, let us recommit ourselves to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the construction industry.

At Global IQ, we are immensely proud to help bring this initiative to life for ASBEC and the achievements of our inaugural cohort. Let us continue to support one another and work collaboratively towards a more inclusive and diverse construction industry, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

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