What a difference 5 years make!

We began our journey in 2016, at a time when we could freely travel the globe, attend conferences and shaking hands was socially acceptable. It was a time we certainly took for granted, we were optimistic for the future and blissfully unaware of the challenges ahead.

Reflecting on the past five years, it has been a true test of resilience, faith, and determination. They say we have these ‘crucible’ events that forever change our lives. The transformation from employee to entrepreneur is not a feat for the faint of heart. Especially when a worldwide pandemic hits you for six.

But despite this, I count us as one of the lucky ones.

We have been extremely blessed to work with amazing clients who are some of the most talented in their field. From net-zero buildings, better indoor air quality to reducing plastic waste in our oceans, it has been an absolute privilege to be able to play our part in leaving a legacy for our kids and future generations.