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Creating industry step change with RACE for 2030

Last week, our co-founders, Nathan Groenhout and Liza Taylor, had the exciting opportunity to facilitate a Market Transformation workshop for the RACE for 2030 team.

We were so impressed with Jonathan Jutsen and his amazing team for their passion, dedication and commitment to solving the world’s biggest challenges.

“Commercialising ideas and understanding how to mainstream innovation that change the world has been a life’s work for Global IQ Group.” Liza Taylor, CEO and Co-founder

We were really inspired with the RACE for 2030 vision and if anyone is interested in joining the Net Zero journey, please reach out to Jon and his team.

RACE for 2030 is an industry-led, collaborative research centre that is driving innovation and accelerating the transition to reliable, affordable, and clean energy by 2030. RACE plans to deliver market transformation programs to advocate their research findings to reduce energy costs, cut carbon emissions and increase customer load flexibility. Their vision is to create a low carbon Australia where quality of life and energy productivity are improved through energy research. With 70 partners from across the energy ecosystem, they are focused on transformative change within the industry.

For more information about RACE for 2030, please visit their website.

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