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Celebrating World Environment Day

This World Environment Day, Global IQ Group is taking the time to reflect on some of the good work our clients do each and every day. From creating sustainable cities to reducing food waste across the cold chain, we are proud to work with clients who aspire to make the world a better place.

Our co-founders, Dr Nathan Groenhout and Liza Taylor formed Global IQ Group to help innovators create market transformation and an industry step change through better strategy, innovation and marketing support.

Developing and pursuing these great ideas not only lead to a better future for our natural environment, but also for our economic prosperity – whether it be creating new jobs through innovation, reducing household expenditure through clean and affordable energy sources, or even supporting governments to allow them opportunity and access to better resources to achieve our world goals, we are committed to doing our bit to help.

We like to think we played a role in helping to achieve some of The Global Goals developed by the UN. By working towards these goals, together we can build a better future for our kids and future generations – that is why Global IQ is so proud to partner with organisations that are changing the world, protecting our planet, and securing our future.

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