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Global IQ Group Announced as Mentor for Female Entrepreneurship Program

We’re excited to announce that Global IQ Group has been selected to provide expert mentoring to women owned and led startups, as a Mentor for the Boosting Female Founders Initiative for 2021.

The program is an initiative in which female founded start-ups receive support in growing their business ideas and expanding into new markets – both domestic and global. Global IQ Group is extremely passionate about supporting women in business to both increase their opportunities in the industry but also increase their visibility in the business world.

As a 50% female owned organisation, we understand the challenges of starting a new venture and we are deeply committed to promoting gender diversity and equal opportunity, especially in the fields of STEM. As a mentor, we will help majority women owned and led businesses establish, grow and scale their startups and to achieve their business objectives.

Despite a 46% increase in female business operators over the last 20 years, women still only make up 34% of all Australian business operators, with an incredibly low proportion of women in STEM related fields (12% in engineering, 28% in IT). The Boosting Female Founders Initiative is important as it aims to assist women in overcoming not only financial but also network and support barriers when starting their own businesses. This is one small step in helping Australian women grow their impact within the STEM world.

Due to our love of commercialising technology – helping businesses transform and communicate their ideas to a wider audience – Global IQ Group is extremely proud to participate in the program as we believe our first-hand skills and experience within the industry will help create a lasting impact on the women involved, as well as contribute to the growing opportunities for all women within the industry.

If you are interested in learning more about the Boosting Female Founders initiative, visit https://business.gov.au/grants-and-programs/boosting-female-founders/customer-stories

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