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The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) is committed to improving gender equality across the construction industry. ASBEC, with assistance from the NSW Government’s Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program (IIP) Grant, is proud to launch the ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot.

The ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot seeks to promote gender diversity within the construction sector to create lasting transformative change. Alison Scotland, Executive Director ASBEC, “Increasing leadership and participation of women in Australia’s construction sector is fundamental to our clean energy economy transition”.

“We want to leverage the power of ASBEC’s collective knowledge and expertise on diversity and inclusion programs, so that we can accelerate efforts to improve female retention and increase leadership participation for women in all parts of the built environment sector.”

Led by Global IQ Group CEO Liza Taylor, the project aims to learn from existing women in construction initiatives and address the key barriers to retaining women in construction with a Pilot program. It will incorporate:

  • A scoping study to understand the current rate of female participation in ASBEC member organisations, the key challenges facing retention, and barriers to females reaching leadership positions.
  • The development of a pilot program using the key findings, insights and recommendations from the scoping study.
  • The delivery of the ASBEC Women in Construction Pilot program, with a final report highlighting the key project outcomes.

The ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot aligns with ASBEC’s commitment to the Equal by 30 initiative, which aims to achieve equal pay, equal opportunities, and equal leadership for women in the clean energy sector by 2030. This project is a testament to ASBEC’s dedication to transforming the construction sector’s landscape and fostering a more equitable and just world.

This initiative signifies a step forward in reshaping the construction industry, ensuring it becomes more inclusive, diverse, and conducive to the growth and leadership development of women. The ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot embodies the commitment to effecting substantial, positive change within the construction sector, contributing to a more balanced and progressive industry landscape.

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