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IAQ Ventilation is a leading supplier of world class indoor air quality systems and solutions across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Part of the BULCS Holdings Group, IAQ Ventilation collaborates with leading industry experts to educate, inform and advocate for healthy air solutions.

Global IQ Group was engaged by IAQ Ventilation to help increase their presence and raise their profile in the Australian market for indoor air quality and ventilation. As their strength was in the restoration industry, our mission was to focus on the growing IAQ sector and expand their reach.

Working alongside their sales and operations team, we developed strategic marketing plans, actioning them through an effective combination of communications and digital marketing tools. This has included in-person events and exhibitions, webinars, social media, newsletters and digital ads.

In 2022, we launched the IAQ Ventilation website, crafting high-impact digital content alongside a bespoke website layout including graphic design, copywriting, and UX design such as an integrated product selector to showcase IAQ Ventilation’s brand and expertise.

We also developed The Healthy Buildings Scorecard to promote industry best practices in indoor air quality across residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Launched at ARBS 2022, The Healthy Buildings Scorecard is a self assessment tool to rate the indoor air quality measures in place for a building. The program is an evidence-based framework for measuring, monitoring and certifying the building features that impact indoor air quality.

The Healthy Buildings Scorecard has been adopted by many International associations, including IAQA, demonstrating its impact on a global scale.

Website Design
Website Design
Healthy Buildings Scorecard
Healthy Buildings Scorecard
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3D Building Graphic Design

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