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The Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources DISER (formerly the Department of the Environment and Energy) is an Australian government department responsible for consolidating the Government’s efforts to drive economic growth, productivity and competitiveness by bringing together industry, energy, resources and science.

Global IQ Group was engaged to prepare a technical discussion paper and chair a technical working group on behalf of DISER. The project sought to consult with industry stakeholders, and undertake public consultation on the potential application of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for a range of industrial equipment categories.

The technical discussion paper considered the introduction of MEPS for industrial pumps, boilers, and compressors. The work included:

  • Research, analysis, and interpretation of technical standards, product types, and manufacturers.
  • Engagement with industry experts to assess suitable options.
  • Engagement with a range of stakeholders to gain input and feedback on potential proposals for implementation.
  • Multi-jurisdictional discussions with federal, state, and New Zealand regulators.
  • Assembling and leading a technical working group comprising stakeholders from government, industry, and industry associations.


The findings from the discussion paper will be used to guide government policy and have been separated into three sub-reports and released for public comment.


Technical Paper
Technical Paper

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