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Refrigerants Australia is the peak organisation representing the supply chain of refrigerants both in bulk and in equipment. Its responsibilities cover the whole spectrum of the refrigerant life-cycle – importing, selling, using and reclamation or destruction. 

Global IQ Group was engaged to produce a series of educational articles, fact sheets and social media communications about Flammable Refrigerants. Working in conjunction with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety – WA , Global IQ Group led stakeholder engagement sessions, to learn about the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The key insights were used to develop a range of educational fact sheets covering the safety, servicing, installation and transport of air conditioning and refrigeration systems containing flammable refrigerants.  This was supported by a range of fact sheets aimed at end users including consumers and businesses.

We also created over 25 different social media posts using important information from the fact sheets that Refrigerants Australia could use on their social media channels to educate their audience and direct viewers to download their fact sheets to find out more.

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